Friday, January 8, 2010

Not exactly what God had intended.

So, leave it to human nature to mess things up again. After the flood had passed, God instructed Noah and his family to "fill the earth" and he intended for them to spread into their own areas all over the earth. Of course, the sinful and obstinate nature of man would once again rare it's head in Genesis 11. The people were afraid of being divided, so sharing one language, they built their own city and a tower that would reach to the heavens. Silly man. God, of course, would see his plans set forth, so he confused their language and sent them out all over the face of the earth. No longer one family tree or a large city, but the nations. I wonder how often we are tempted in the same way as the people of Babel. How often we get stuck in our own social circles, churches, and our little corner of the world. And in the midst of it, we forget God's call on our lives to go to the nations. Don't get me wrong, there is a huge importance of Christian community in our lives. God intended for that to be present in our lives as well. But then our communities should care about those who are not included within it. We are called to care for and share God's love with people of all languages throughout all the earth. That is what God intends for us.
As another part of the radical experiment at our church, we are being encouraged to pray for the nations each day. I ordered a book called "Operation World, When we Pray God Works" to use as a guide and I just received it in the mail today. (Mom if you're reading I used part of my amazon giftcard for this book!) I look forward to learning more about the nations of the world over this next year. I hope that this book will be a tool to continue to develop my heart for the nations that God has been growing in me over the last few years in my experience with Compassion. If I can't go to all these places, the least I can do is pray. I hope that it will always keep God's call on my life in perspective. That the gospel isn't just for me or my community, but its for everyone. And one day, the nations will be brought together again, and we will rejoice in the glory of our great God.

Reading for today: Genesis 10 & 11

"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them." Genesis 1:27

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