Thursday, January 14, 2010

It just won't go away...

So, this heart breaking for the country of just won't go away. All day it has nagged and pulled at me. My tasks at work and notes at school seem a bit menial and unimportant. I know that there is really nothing that I can do physically to help right now. Brad and I have already given some funds to Compassion's relief fund, so now, we just pray. I guess I should remember that it may be enough. That it may be exactly what the people of Haiti need right now. I can pray and I can encourage others to do the same. I am thankful for the attention that is now being shown to Haiti. I am also thankful for friends who are having the opportunity to speak out, sometimes on national stages, about the many needs of the people of Haiti. (Tune in to CNN tomorrow morning at 7am central/8am eastern time to see an interview with one of the worship leaders we partner with throughout the year.) The sad part is, Haiti needed all this help before Tuesday, they needed it years ago. I thought it was interesting today when I heard a woman from the coast guard say, "they just seemed devastated and helpless from the tragedy," but they were devastated before this tragedy ever happened. So I hope even in all this bad, all this tragedy, that good will come. After all, that is what God does, right? He works ALL things together for good. I guess it is probably a good thing that this aching feeling inside won't go away. It means I care. It means I have love for a people thousands of miles away. My heart should break over something like this. So today, I did do my Bible reading, and its not that I didn't find any of it important, its just not what I feel like talking about right now. I just want to talk about Haiti. So that more people will hear. And more people will help. And more people will pray. So tonight I continue to pray for the people of Haiti. The window of time over the next 24 hours is critical for those who may be trapped and trying to survive. Join me in praying to the God of miracles. Pray that His light will fill Haiti's darkness tonight.

Todays Reading: Genesis 24-26

"And he believed the Lord, and he counted it to him as righteousness." Genesis 15:6

If you would still like to give to help the people of Haiti, you can see my blog from yesterday for the link for Compassion International's relief fund. You can also visit this link This will help an organization called Heartline Ministries. Heartline is a group that some friends of ours are adopting through and are working to help meet immediate needs in Haiti.


  1. Well said, and I am agreeing with you in prayer. Don't you just feel helpless? Wishing there was more that we could do. May the Lord have His way in all of this and many come to know His name through this. Praying with you.