Friday, January 22, 2010

Joyful, Joyful we adore Thee...

I wonder how Joseph's father Jacob felt when he heard that his son was still alive and in Egypt. I wonder what thoughts went through his head on his journey there. I would imagine there would be disbelief, joy, and excitement that he would be able to see his son once more before his time on earth was over. I realize that the situation is very different, but I imagine that some of the emotions are the same for Jamie & Aaron Ivey and Dave & Kim Rhodes as they head toward Orlando, FL to pick up their sons from Haiti tonight. I can't imagine the whirlwind of emotions that they have felt over the last 10 or so days, from hearing about the earthquake to getting the news that their children are in fact on their way to the United States. I would be an emotional wreck. I am tonight and they aren't my kids! I feel pure joy tonight for I think really the first time since I heard about the earthquake in Haiti. My heart has been so heavy, but tonight is it light and joyful as it rejoices in something that only our great God could orchestrate. From pilots offering to charter planes to flights being held, God has been showing off today and tonight in his work to get these children home.

I do realize though in all the joy that tonight will also begin a time of transition for these children and families. These children have been in a state of unrest and upheaval for the last several days and are now flying to a new place where they will be with their new families and separated from those friends and people they have grown up with. I have no doubt that they will transition smoothly into their loving forever families, but I do realize that there will be moments of adjustment for all of these families in the days ahead. So I pray that God will continue to give these families peace, strength, and courage as he overwhelms them in His love. I also realize that while our friends are going to pick up their children tonight, there are many other families who are still waiting. And there are many new orphans in Haiti tonight who will need families to love them. So I pray for those families who are still waiting, and I pray that they will soon get their call to get on a plane soon. I pray that God would already be working in the hearts of people who will become families for those who are newly orphaned in Haiti. I pray that the Haitian government, once it stabilizes, will change some of their qualifications, so that more people who have been burdened will have the opportunity to adopt these children. I also still pray for the many needs that still exist in Haiti. I am joyful though and praise God as he has truly worked miracles in the tragedy of the last two weeks. Praise our Great God of miracles!

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