Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So I guess the Barnetts are Blogging.

Well, let me restate that, Laurabeth is blogging for the Barnetts. We'll see if Brad does or not. As it says in our info, I would never want to assume that everyone is just wanting to sit around and read about what is going on in our lives. Nor to I assume that you will be just sitting around waiting to see what we post next, but I do realize that we have friends and family all over the country, and that this might be a good way to keep up with everyone. So...we will see how I do with keeping up with this. I really enjoyed blogging for a while and then, life happened and I just haven't kept up with it. So...we will see how that goes with this one. For now, I will leave you with three things that are going on with us right now...

1. We officially became an Aunt and Uncle today! It was quite a bit earlier than we expected (they were born almost 3 months early) but we are excited nonetheless. So, Pierce and Jacob Barnett are our twin nephews and the newest additions to the family. We pray that everything with continue to go well and that mom and babies will be healthy.

2. While it probably seems insignificant to most, I was so excited to get my first scholastic book order today! My teacher library is officially started. For those who don't know, I have started my Masters in Elementary Education this semester and intend to be a teacher. What I have discovered as I have begun classes is that I continue to feel a calling to do this and one of the things I am most passionate about is having the opportunity to teach students to read. I hope that I can help my students to be as passionate about reading as I am. So for me, these books mark the beginning of a journey that I am very excited about. Hopefully one day I will have the joy of watching one of my students discover the joy of reading with one of these books!

3. Tomorrow we are going to have the joy of having friends of ours stay with us for the night and again on Saturday night. It has been a while since we have seen them and we are looking forward to catching up.

Okay, well, I guess that is it for tonight.