Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rookie Year of Fantasy Football

I grew up a college football fan, and admittedly didn't have much to do with the NFL.  I might watch the Superbowl every year, primarily for the half-time show and commercials.  That is until I met and married my husband.  You see my husband has been playing fantasy football since you did it with a pad and pencil.  As a 12 year old, the league he played in had to adjust the rules for the loopholes his middle school mind had found to outwit the middle aged men he was playing against.  He scheduled his fantasy football draft into our honeymoon for heaven's sake!  So, in married life, I have at least found an appreciation for the NFL and I have of course had to have a certain reverence for fantasy football.  I have learned all sorts of new vocabulary, like "keeper leagues," "flex players," and "positional value."  Last year I even found myself cheering during NFL games for my husband's fantasy players (it didn't hurt that there was a little money riding on them).  Never did I think that I would find myself with my very own fantasy football team.  Until now...

Last night I (somewhat jokingly) told my husband that I might be willing to have a team this year if the league he is a commissioner for was a team short.  Today while I was at school teaching I received a text message that said, "You are playing fantasy. I will train you tonight.  Don't let me down."  No pressure right?  In his defense he did add a smiley face to the end.  So here I am tonight finding myself in a pile of top 100 lists, mock drafts, and drafting strategies.  Here are my top 10 thoughts going into my first fantasy draft tomorrow night.

1.  I'm stressed out about getting a quarterback.  I know I don't have to pick one in the first round, but I don't want to end up with a really bad one either.  And let's just be honest, I know more names on that list than on any of the others.

2. I refuse to draft Patriots and Steelers.  Why?  Patriots- Have you seen the way their slob of a coach dresses?  Steelers- Last I checked they still have Ben Roethlisberger.  I'm pretty sure it's a disgrace to females everywhere if I pick him or any of his teammates.

3. My two exceptions to #2...Hines Ward (because he was really fun on Dancing with the Stars) and Chad Ochocinco (he's really a Bengal anyway and I have his jersey).

4.  I also refuse to pick any former South Carolina Gamecocks.  I am a Clemson Tiger to the very core of my being.  I have never cheered for a Gamecock and I never will.

5.  It stinks to be a Tight End.  Who are these guys anyway?

6.  I need a kicker with a really cool last name.  I mean listen to some of these...Gostkowski, Janikowski, Longwell, Vinatieri...kickers have the coolest names.

7. I will not draft my kicker or my defense too early.  Otherwise my husband will call me an idiot like he does the other guys he plays fantasy with.

8. I'm going to do my best not to draft a Clemson Tiger just because I want to...but I probably will, I'm just going to try and not draft one too early.  I can't help it, I have a soft spot for my Tigers.

9.  I will keep up with my team.  If I have any plans on getting invited back, I know not to be a slacker that doesn't keep up with my team.  I hear how guys talk about "those guys."

10. I will not get mad or hold grudges against guys who pick the players I want.  I understand that this is part of the drafting process and I will not "be a girl" about it.

So there you go.  Thoughts from a rookie girl playing fantasy football for the first time.  Sundays should be interesting in our house this year.